Actors, ever wonder how to get a career in voice-overs?  Just like your headshot is your 'calling card' for TV and film, the voice-over demo is just the same, for radio and TV voice-overs.  It has to be a fully-produced, broadcast-worthy, varied showcase of the actor.  But what about training?  Just like any specialized field, there are techniques that are specific to the medium.  We provide those with a full, voice-over "session" experience.  You will learn what the pros do, why it works, and how to make it "your own."  

Our workshops are one-on-one and consist of:

• A Voice-Over Master Class: Everything you need to know about voice-over technique
• Selection of copy (based on your strengths)
• Exploration/Rehearsal sessions
• Recording session
• Editing (music, sound fx, filters, etc.)
• A master CD with your demo on it (wav and mp3 formats)
• Marketing Plan of Attack:  "You've got this great what?"

There will be homework assigned.  As with anything else, the more you put in,

the more you'll get out.

The pricing is as follows:
Recording Session only:(includes 1 consultation and 1 recording session) $500.

Full Training/Workshop/Demo Production: (4 week one-on-one training with demo) $1,000.

V.O. Production Demo




As a professional voice talent for over 15 years, Luis Robledo has recorded over 600 Radio and T.V. spots for clients such as: McDonald's, Sprint, Honda, Red Bull, Pepsi, Midas, Volkswagen for both the English and Spanish markets. Kooldex Productions marks Luis' first endeavor into producing. He serves as copywriter, producer and director, as well as the leader of post-production on established accounts with several local companies. Luis is a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is represented by Innovative Artists Agency, in Santa Monica, California (For Booking information, call: Luanne Regis, 310.656-0400). He currently resides in Los Angeles, with his ever-faithful pit-bull companions, Dexter Gordon and Ella Fitzgerald.

English Demo

Spanish Demo