Upcoming Projects

Dog Love: (working title, in development)

A timid man comes out of his shell by learning the lessons of love through the eyes of his dog.(Feature)

Hermanos:(in development)

Three successful but dramatically different brothers reunite after 10 years at their fatherís funeral and are forced to face the incident that broke them apart.(Feature)

Song for My Father:(in development)

In attempt to find freedom, a young Cuban boy heads to the US to find his musical dream and finds that he parallels his fatherís life.This two- generation epic feature follows the downfall of a celebrated cuban musician during the Castro revolution and his son's rise as a modern day Jazz virtuoso in New York City. (Feature)

The Whistler:(pre-production)

What happens when a dreamer finally moves in the direction of his dream? What's gained? And lost? (Short) More...