At Kooldex, we are fortunate enough to have access to all the latest equipment and accessories. Whether you’re interested in seeing your film, music video or commercial come to fruition, we are able to bring each vision to life in an individualistic, timely manner. Our film equipment includes access to the much sought after Red One camera, as well as the Panasonic HVX and DVX series.

Have an idea but are unsure how to put it out visually? Let us provide the storyboard and scripting for your TV/Radio/Internet commercial, film or music video. Our experience ranges from writing short films and features to commercials and small radio spots as well as music videos. We can provide you with the platform to get your business or idea on the right track.

Our crew affords you the ability to rest assured that your vision will be completed in the most visually stimulating, affordable way. No shot is too difficult to attain with the professionalism and innate talent of our crew. You bring your ideas to the table and we’ll make them happen.

“I became a writer, director via acting. I’ve been an actor for almost 20 years; in LA for almost 12. I’ve been in and out of acting classes over the years but the most helpful education as a film actor was purchasing a camera off a friend 10 years ago. Shortly thereafter, I assembled a small group of friends/actors who were interested in a deeper “on-set” experience. We called it “The Actor’s Gym.” Every week we would shoot scenes, usually with a master and a close up for each actor. I would edit the scenes over the course of the week and present them the following week. Through editing, I came to understand and appreciate film acting. I became known as the actor’s editor…the one other actors went to for demo reel production and work. I enjoyed some steady acting work but shortly after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, virtually all work dried up for me. After 3 years my voice over work began to pick up and I booked a few more acting jobs…only to have my theatrical opportunities dry up again. This time around, I was in a better financial situation that enabled me to produce small videos with virtually no budget. Some featured people, others featured pets and yet others…plastic dolls. I loved this part of the film process. I learned that I had the patience and the ear to be an editor. On the directing side, I learned that I had the ability to communicate well with actors in a way that both respected them as artists and served the telling of the story. I quickly learned that insofar as dealing with actors, the director’s job is to create an environment where “happy accidents” happen, then capture them. The most beautiful moments I’ve caught on film are not ones I planned.”—Luis Robledo writer, producer, director and CEO

EL TAXISTA TRAILER written, directed & edited by Luis Robledo (currently showing at film festivals)

THE GNAWED COUPLE a short piece created, directed & edited by Luis Robledo

DAWG WHISPERER with Cesar Millon a parody of NGC's hit show, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, written, directed & edited by Luis Robledo

CELESTIAL HARMONY a music video for singer/songwriter, John Bagnato, directed & edited by Luis Robledo

• FULL state-of-the-art recording and post-production capabilities  
• Spanish/English, English/Spanish Translation Services
• An experienced sound engineer available for you
• Access to the best Voice Talents in Los Angeles
• FULL Music composition/ jingle production services

Let our experience and knowledge make your radio spot stand out from the rest. Have an idea, but not sure how to 'put it in writing'?  No problem, we can make it happen. Why spend thousands with an ad agency?

V.O. Production Demo

English Demo

Spanish Demo