Marisilda Garcia has come a long way from being an aspiring actress from a small town in Texas. She left an indelible mark in the Houston, Nashville, and Cincinnati film markets, an achievement only outdone by the mark she hopes to leave in Los Angeles. Her experiences run the gamut between the mundane and the coveted as well as the musically profound and the theatrically reflective.

As a child, Marisilda found her voice singing in church and performing in the local theatre. Not one to be inhibited by the lack of opportunity in her small town, she formed a Christian group at her church called 3M Pro and was quickly invited to perform at the United Methodist Church camp in Sacramento, NM. In an attempt to find work while pursuing her music and acting careers, she received a B.S in Communication Studies from The University of Texas at Austin and went in pursuit of her chosen path. Several jobs, moves across state lines and years later, Marisilda landed in Los Angeles without a job and very few connections. Unable to sit on the sidelines and let work come to her, she quickly found work as both an actor and personal trainer. In an encounter on Myspace, she met a friend who introduced her to Luis Robledo and a lifelong partnership was born. Within months Luis and Marisilda; along with Geoffrey Rhue and Jeff Hohimer, wrote over 50 songs, formed Sorry, Nelson, a Latin soul fusion band and began performing around town. Subsequently, she also played a role in El Taxista and began working for the administrative side of Kooldex Productions. As an actress she was one of the leads in Cornhole: the Movie, the lead in Forgetting: An Alzheimers Story and for 3 years played Ana, the art teacher for The United Methodist Church’s Live B.I.G. DVD series.

In an industry where so few follow through with their intellect and talent, she garners attention for being able to do both with equal ease and passion while maintaining her Hispanic roots. Marisilda continually aims one step above the norm in attempt to stay true to who she is and the craft that embodies her. As a singer/songwriter and actor, she earns praise for her ability to put emotion into her music and wholeheartedly commit to her characters. Whether performing in Spanish or English, musically or theatrically, one can see the ineffaceable path she leaves among those she encounters.

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