Geoffrey Rhue’s ability to stand firm against convention extends beyond the talent you see today. As a teenager at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, a bet among friends that he lacked the ability to perform in the local production of Bye, Bye, Birdie proved to be his ticket to finding his innate talents. Geoffrey was cast as both a dancer and actor in the local production, a feat most individuals would be incapable of accomplishing without prior training. It was here that he found his talent as a dancer and continued to study. A short stint at Georgia State University further cemented his passion for the arts and he quickly packed up and headed to New York where he studied under acclaimed dancers and choreographers, Judith Jameson and Alvin Ailey. Known for having both grace and strength, Geoffrey made his way to the top as a dancer with the Joffrey Ballet and after a move to Boston, with the Boston Ballet as well as Twyla Tharp & Dancers.  A chance meeting with renowned acting coach, Peter Kelley and an invitation to join the Harrison Project sparked yet another hidden talent…acting. It was here that Geoffrey delved into emoting through words and actions rather than movement alone. He booked work in Squeeze,a feature film by Robert Spruill and subsequently met Luis Robledo, his long-time friend and collaborator.   Years later, a move to Los Angeles and a reunion between Geoffrey and Luis, several other hidden talents emerged and continue to do so today. As associate producer and suave JIB & crane operator on El Taxista as well as percussion master for the Los Angeles based soul band, Sorry, Nelson, Geoffrey continues to prove that stepping outside the lines of convention is key. A proud Bostonian, he graces Los Angeles with a presence that is both spirited and compelling. His abilities range beyond the traditional to include Pilates instruction, martial artistry, Reiki, percussion mastery, and production thus confirming his everlasting presence in this industry.