Those who know Marisilda Garcia, Luis Robledo, Geoffrey Rhue, Jeff Hohimer, and Andreas Esparza as individuals are quickly recognizing the synergistic energy they create as a group. Their unique and bilingual sound successfully combines the soulful jazz sounds heard by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald with the Latin flavor of Gloria Estefan.

True to the roots of each individual that makes up this eclectic group, one can expect to hear a rock song one moment, a Texas folk song another, or a heart wrenching soulful masterpiece followed by a salsa.

In a few short months, the members of Sorry, Nelson have successfully gained a following, amassed a number of original tunes, and gained notoriety in both LA and Vegas. The raw lyrics and depth of musical knowledge base make this band an enjoyable one to watch explode in the industry. Click here for more.

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