As a child in South Texas, Luis Robledo discovered a passion for performing. As a teenager at Intelochen Arts Academy, he gained an understanding`for the innate abilities he possessed as a musician. In Boston as a Jazz Studies major at the New England Conservatory of Music, a series of odd events landed him a leading role in the ABC After School Special: In the Shadow of Love: A teen AIDS story and his true star bagan to rise. After a few years of intense study and work as a member of the critically-acclaimed, Boston-based theatre company, The Harrison Project, Luis decided it was time for more. In 1997 Luis moved to Los Angeles where after a few testing years, he eventually gained notoriety as a gifted, bilingual performer. His guest appearances in Six Feet Under, The X Files, The Shield, CSI:Miami, and a recurring guest star role in the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated PBS series, American Family: Journey of Dreams demonstrated his level of professionalism and true passion for the arts. His additional work in Havoc and God's Army confirmed his tenacity and ability to work in a city where so few come out on top.

After years of appearances, voice over work, and continued study, Luis decided to push the envelope and explore several other facets of his career...writing and directing. His first two screenplays, El Taxista and The Whistler encompass characters from diverse backgrounds that easily connect to the lives of those watching. From the conception of El Taxista to its debut on the screen, Luis stamps his involvement every step of the way as writer, director, actor, editor and musician on this project. Those fortunate enough to witness his work attest to the natural ability and ease in which Luis delves into projects such as this and are eager to see his visions come alive onscreen. His ardent thirst for true filmmaking has enabled him to be in both pre-production of one film and post-production of another while working as an actor and performing in a band.

From humble beginnings in Mexico to being a prolific performer in the hub of the entertainment industry, Luis Robledo remains a force to be reckoned with among those he encounters. His electrifying presence both in front of the camera and behind establishes him as a rarity in an industry where people classify themselves as "just actors," or "just directors." Luis integrates his skills as a screenwriter, editor, director, musician and actor with such finesse that one is unable to classify one gift as better than the other.