Evangeline Avila’s cinematographic foundation began with an early interest in photography. From there she went on to formally study photography at Orange Coast Community College where her instructors stressed the importance of a fusion between the conceptual and technical aspects of the medium. This background stimulated her desire to study film at California State University, Long Beach and also her desire to grow personally within the film environment that allowed for collaboration, which she felt photography was lacking.

At Cal State Long Beach she worked on 6 short films as Director of Photography, 3 of which were shot on 16mm film and 3 shot in HD. Among the three 16mm projects was Costello (2006) shot on the Panaflex16 film camera, through Panavision’s new filmmakers grant program. Costello went on to the Newport Beach Film Festival and played at the DGA student showcase. Evangeline also worked on two short films as Director: Counterpart (2006) and The Wall Between 3 and 4 (2007), both shot on 16mm film. She also lent her services to as many other films as possible, working in such capacities as Assistant Camera, Camera Operator and Still Photographer. Upon completing film school in 2007, Evangeline went on to work as Director of Photography on The Far Away Look of a Dreamer (2007), El Taxista (2008) and Lux (2008).

Evangeline’s work on film provides her the avenue in which to conceptualize both her training and natural talent onto the screen with masterful form. Her ability to transform the director’s vision from mind to screen proves to be a theatrical sensibility unseen in many of today’s films. Evangeline transcends traditional filmmaking to convey the truth behind each moment as she ties each component of the process into a visually stimulating work of art. Her keen eye, likeability, and ability to capture and execute her director’s vision make her a priceless asset and a definite way to ensure success on any film project.