Whether performing or being at the helm of the latest film project as producer, Bryan Ross possesses the fire and chutzpah it takes to get things done. Known by many as the guy “who can get you pretty much anything you need” and “knows everyone in this business,” Bryan proves time and again that no request is too large for him to fill. His combination of confident humility and social likeability allow him to consort with studio executives and guerilla filmmakers alike, enabling him to bridge the gap that is usually visible in many mainstream films today. Raised in Watts, CA, Bryan Ross always had a desire to be onstage. He went through numerous schools and programs for the arts further fueling his desire and building his foundation as a performer. Once out of school, Bryan’s love for acting set in motion a self-solicitation for small movie roles, a choice that proved profitable by inducting him into the Screen Actors Guild. As the years continued, Bryan turned to writing and producing in an attempt to expand his talents and abilities. This turn inflated the career Bryan had built on his own as he found new ways to contribute to the industry. In a short time span, Bryan accomplished the unreachable for some and discovered his place in Hollywood. Most recently, Bryan has completed 5 shorts that he produced, 4 of which he co-wrote. His work on El Taxista confirmed his talents as producer and provided Luis Robledo the resources in which his talents as actor/writer/director on this project would shine. Bryan is currently in talks with a major studio to develop one of his shorts into a series. With tenacity and flare, he will prove to be one of Hollywood’s “go to” guys for fresh concepts and the prime example on how to achieve a lucrative career in the entertainment industry.