Luis Robledo's conception of Kooldex began with a man and his love for his dog...and a few friends. Interested in making a farce of the original "Dog Whisperer," Luis and his friends got together to film "The Dawg Whisperer," a short on the "training of men (dawgs). Created, directed and edited by Luis Robledo.

After realizing the wealth of talent in their local group, Luis dedided to step it up a notch and create several other shorts, some involving his beloved pooch, Dexter Gordon (Dex). "The Gnawed Couple". Written, directed and edited by
Luis Robledo.

Soon "Blind Man's Best Friends's Bluff", and a Celestial Harmony", a music video produced for John Bagnato, transformed a group of friends into a production company.Celestial harmony, directed and edited by Luis Robledo.

With the days of home videos behind him, Luis built a conglomerate fountain from which to generate work not only for himself but for those around him which not only includes film work, but voice-over and radio-spot production as well as upcoming television

At Kooldex, it is not uncommon to see friends operating on both sides of the camera, pets making special appearances and family assisting on set whenever needed. Most say it takes a village to raise a child; here at Kooldex, we believe it takes a village to raise a dream and make a movie.

Kooldex is:

  • Luis Robledo-founder and CEO
  • Marisilda Garcia-administrative assistant/associate producer/talent
  • Bryan Ross-producer/talent
  • Geoffrey Rhue-associate producer/talent
  • Jeff Hohimer-associate producer talent

  • What Kooldex does:

    We are the premier choice for all your production needs. If you desire production for your commercial or film, we provide the highest quality crew and equipment. Our film equipment includes access to the much sought after Red One camera, as well as an HVX 200 adn a DVX 200. Our crew affords you the ability to rest assured that your vision will be completed in the most visually stimulating, affordable way.

    If you're interested in learning more about the voice-over industry, our equipment and experience parallels no other. Luis Robledo not only offers you a complete "how to" guide to the voice-over industry, he works diligently to get you studio ready so you can book the job every time. Whether your voice-over interest lies in the Spanish speaking market or the English speaking market, Luis gets you heard.

    Looking for a fresh talent in the industry? Kooldex Productions strives to bring back organic filmmaking by writing thought-provoking scripts, staying true to film as a visual art form, and exploring the realms of humanity. Here at Kooldex, we don't just strive to make films; we tell stories worth watching.